Outrage! How dare he! Wait… who we talking about here?  The left and right spend so much wasted energy ramping up the followers in their echo chambers that civility is the loser.   So President Obama spoke in a location that was radical, so have other world leaders. It’s what you do when you are a world leader.

We could continue to wring our hands and lash put senselessly… or we could sit down and reach compromise within our principles.

One gets ratings, the other gets results. In which are you interested?

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  1. Not speaking of the imagery specifically, but Nixon’s trip to China was different in that the US had something to gain. It was a strategic move in the politics of the Cold War to get a little leverage against the Soviet Union. (I don’t know the context of the Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43 photos. Probably photoshopped coming from Mediamatters, lol!).

    I’m on the fence when it comes to Cuba. I can see both sides of the argument there. On the one hand, we have been at a stalemate with Cuba for 50 years so obviously the US policy of isolation has done nothing. On the other hand, unlike Nixon in China, the US has nothing to gain and sends the signal that the US gives legitimacy to totalitarian regimes. The visit will also be used by Cuba as propaganda that their totalitarian regime has stood up against the worlds superpower and won.


    • The US does have something to gain, we’ve already seen a mutual friend do business there. Why not more?

      Certainly no GOP president has ever sent those signals about totalitarian regimes?

      The point, and it’s unlikely photoshopped as each visit easily proven, is that you can disapprove of the trip… but outrage? Twitter was all a-buzz over the “tyrant” Obama by the right in that picture. The left would too if it were a GOP president. Disagreement can be civil — and productive — if we remove the Outrage!


      • I was joking about the pics being photoshopped (just a taking a cheap shot at mediamatters). But to your larger point I agree – there’s no need for outrage. Reasonable people can disagree on this issue. But outrage is the name of the game on social media.

        BTW – listening to a conservative radio talk show on the way home last night they were discussing the visit and the consensus among callers (and the host) was basically the same opinion as mine above that there are pros and cons to this visit and that we’ll have to wait and see if any good comes from it.

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