Earlier this week North Carolina addressed the economic worries, educational needs, taxation structure, cultural panic of some of its citizens by legislating what bathroom you should use.  The party that champions individual liberties… who controls the legislature and executive branches wants to be sure you use the right potty?

In signing this bill, North Carolina’s Governor decided it was more important to side with culture warriors than big business and to further confuse Conservatives as to the real ideology of the GOP.

Snark aside, the law is more than bathroom monitoring, as it prevents local governments from passing their own non-discrimination laws.  But it underscores the growing schism within the GOP. True conservatism doesn’t like top down legislation that inhibits rights and interferes with business.  Which is what this does. This move is pure Cultural Conservatism, legislating a moral position at the expense of individual rights. Why not let  individual counties and communities chart their own course?

Already big businesses are lining up in opposition, including major players like Disney and Time Warner Cable. The list is impressive. It would be completely within their right to halt business practices inside the state. Even the NBA has stepped in, threatening to move next year’s all star game out of Charlotte.

I wonder if the North Carolina legislators considered combining this with the Voter ID law? Before you pee, you have to show ID…

I wonder what the Vegas odds are for how long this goes until repeal? Negative media is one thing, but big business Republicans are not going to be okay with the corporate backlash that’s only just begun.



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