Is there a tug of war in the GOP over its direction?

The GOP Primary Season has shown that its own voters appear split over which issues area driving them.  Donald Trump has emphasized economic issues, while Ted Cruz has primarily split between cultural and foreign policy ones.  None are ignoring the other issues, but is interesting to see what general discussion happens around each candidate.

With a brokered convention appearing more likely, the question remains what will become of the Republican Party if the candidates do not all rally around whomever is chosen as the GOP Candidate.  Are businesses wary of sponsoring the Republican National Convention?  With North Carolina’s recent LGBQT Law, it appears more businesses are willing to bypass the state, with yesterday’s headline of a $20 million pharmaceutical corporate expansion possibly being tabled because of the state’s law.  While groups such as the Family Research Council shares posts on Social Media about how North Carolina’s law “gets it right” on this issue, businesses — big businesses — are taking a different view.  On Thursday the massive Wells Fargo building in downtown Charlotte, NC, lit their building in support of LGBT unity.

My point is not to question any individual’s moral compass.  If you are solid that your belief system opposes, or supports, the issue of LGBT, continue to speak your mind.

But if you are a Conservative, where do you think the Republican Party is headed?  It is growing apparent that the business wing of the GOP and the cultural side of the party are not working in lockstep.  The question I ask is: should it?   Can Republicans elect statewide and national candidates that will please business interests if those businesses feel the cultural wing of the party is risking their bottom line?  And if statewide or national Republican leaders take the side of business over cultural issues, will those voters remain in the fold?  North Carolina’s neighbor went the other direction this week when the Governor refused to sign a Religious Liberty bill after major business interests very vocally expressed their opposition to the bill.  How will Georgia’s conservative voters react?

I’d like to informally, and in no scientifically based way, what do you think?  Take the survey below.

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