Should the Electoral College by tossed?

For the second time in five presidential elections, the Electoral College winner was not the winner of the popular vote.  As Democrats have twice been on the losing side of these two elections, many on the left are calling for the termination of the Electoral College. Indeed, when your side loses the call to change goes out. President-Elect Trump after the 2012 election

Of course when you win, you feel differently:

Partisanship aside, is the Electoral College the right method for electing a president?

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Turns out, white guys *did* determine this election.

I boldly stated a month ago that white guys weren’t deciding this election.  Oops.

While the election won’t be viewed as close as it was, Nate Silver pointing out that if 1 in 100 Trump voters flipped to Clinton she wins, it is accurate to point out how wrong I was.