Chasing down fake/misleading news – Part 2

Obama allowing illegals to vote?

In part 1 of this blog entry, I referred to a study showing that both middle and high schoolers, and adults, have a hard time differentiating real, fake and misleading news is troubling as a History teacher. This video segment was split into digging into the 3 million illegals voting (Part 1) and then Obama saying illegals could vote.

This second claim made in the CNN video was about Obama himself said that illegals could vote.  Civils 101 tells you this in impossible, because voting is all done at the state level, with each determining what is residency for a state.  What lends credence to this wild claim is a 2015 California motor-voter bill that automatically registered a driver’s license recipient for voting, and by extension would allow fraud by non-citizens to occur. For this to happen, the government would need to be implicit in the fraud — something that technically could happen regardless of this bill and situation.  But at its base, the wild claim that illegals can vote shouldn’t need time spent on it.

Did Obama actually say illegals can vote?  It depends upon where you saw the video of an interview between actress Gina Rodriguez and President Obama for mitú, a Latino Get out the Vote project.

That’s an easy find and unfortunately President Obama didn’t answer the question he was asked in the best way, which allowed Fox News Business to focus solely on the President saying Illegals could vote…  which Fox significantly ended the clip of Obama saying “the vote is strictly confidential…”

Gina Rodriguez, the interviewer, really created the problem in how she phrased the question to President Obama, who should have emphasized in his response right away that he was discussing legal Latino voters.  He does this later in the interview, which I found by digging through, a site dedicated to debunking internet myths and lies (but claimed by many on the right to be a liberal site). The segment below starts just after the Fox News Business clip of Obama. Listen as President Obama emphasis Latino Citizens… to clearly show in this interview he is talking about a range of Latino voting issues.

Who is watching what?

  • Gina Rodriguez’s YouTube video is at 270,000 views.
  • Neil Cavuto, Fox Business, where the video started: 19,000 views
  • The Fox Business panel (clip above): 87,000 views
  • Alex Jones InfoWars? 90,000 views

I found no YouTube video that countered the Fox News or Infowars claims.

What this little hour long venture shows, is that if you want to be an informed citizen you need to dig a little deeper on claims that appear to be wild, game changing or otherwise sensational. But digging deeper requires a lot more clicking around the internet. Does the average person want to spend that time when it is easier to flip your cable channel to your left or right friendly media and let them spin things their way?

Our Founding Fathers were voracious readers and dug into everything they could get their hands on.  Shouldn’t we aspire to that part of their legacy too?


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