Social Media – it’s better for you than you think?

People have been hollering that Social Media is driving a wedge between us and polarizing America politically.  It is one of those situations where you sit back and think it sounds and feels logical.  We even get “data” that supports what we already think, as a Pew Research Center study cited: “More than one-third of social media users are worn out by the amount of political content they encounter, and more than half describe their online interactions with those they disagree with politically as stressful and frustrating.” But is this truly the case, or is this a by product of elsewhere from which the polarization is hatched? Continue reading


It is important to host leaders at the White House

This past weekend, the President hosted another major foreign leader.  But not at the White House.  And that bothers me.  While it is fair to criticize the expense the President is racking up for protection at his many Mar-a-Lago trips (already), there are more important reasons here for hosting leaders at the People’s House. Continue reading