The FIRST Witch Hunt was the worst one…

Ah, the President of the United States does love to mangle American History.  This morning he set to his favorite Historical Misappropriation Delivery Tool… Twitter and said:

djt salem

Well, actually… no.  The single greatest Witch Hunt in American political history was the one that actually gave you the name with which you use: witch hunt!  Now whether his is the second or 200th can be debated, but not the “single greatest”.  Continue reading


The Original #fakenews was Born on Today in 1770

In 2017 #fakenews does not really mean the news is false, but is now broadly interpreted as being “made up” to fit a narrative. The current President likes to hammer on CNN and the New York Times as “fake news” but nothing in what they report is false.  To the partisan eye it may be intentionally misleading, but it is not fake.

That said it was on this day in 1770 that #fakenews may have been born. The setting: a group of protesters become increasingly angry at government presence. Tempers flare and violence ensues.  When the smoke clears 5 lay dead and seven are wounded.  Those are the facts that could be readily agreed upon by all — but it is not how it will be presented to America. Continue reading

Robert E Lee, MLK and Southern Heritage

Making rounds of the internet this week was a Biloxi, Mississippi city government posting that referenced that Martin Luther King Day also being known officially as Great Americans Day, which was started in 1985 by the city. Turns out Robert E. Lee was born the same week (albeit a century earlier) as MLK.  Biloxi likely started this in response to President Reagan signing the law in 1983 that the holiday would become federally recognized in 1986.  So it gives this damned Yankee an opportunity to dig into the hero worship of the great Virginian general of the Civil War and examine his place in Southern Heritage.

Robert E. Lee’s success on the battlefield was unparalleled. In reality he only lost two twice as a commander, one at Gettysburg and a final time where he surrendered his troops at Appomattox Courthouse in what is wrongly attributed as the end of the Civil War (it would continue elsewhere in the south for six more weeks or so).   Celebration as a great General, even though many of these were waged against the United States, I suppose is due. But throughout the land there are not nearly as many George Patton statues nor street names. Continue reading

How Christmas evolved in America

Regardless of your spirituality, Christmas in America has grown into a cultural holiday that embodies the best of America, giving you the choice of how much religion you partake with the occasion.  It’s hard to support the belief that some news channels and a handful of people have that there is a “war on Christmas” as it dominates the landscape for two months, if not more.

275px-puritanchristmasbanThe real war on Christmas was waged before America was its own nation, as Puritan America wanted nothing to do with it.  There is disagreement among scholars as to the exact birthdate of Jesus, as the Bible is silent on the special day. Puritans went so far as to outlaw Christmas and invoke fines for those who partook in the occasion. Continue reading

Should the Electoral College by tossed?

For the second time in five presidential elections, the Electoral College winner was not the winner of the popular vote.  As Democrats have twice been on the losing side of these two elections, many on the left are calling for the termination of the Electoral College. Indeed, when your side loses the call to change goes out. President-Elect Trump after the 2012 election

Of course when you win, you feel differently:

Partisanship aside, is the Electoral College the right method for electing a president?

Continue reading


Ah, who doesn’t like a good debate over dollars?  Two weeks ago the internet outrage machine kicked into gear over the forced migration of Andrew Jackson from one location to another.  Sounds historically familiar, doesn’t it.  Harriet Tubman is set to take up residence soon on the front of the $20 while Jackson will me force-marched to the back of the bill,  keeping those Jacksonian fans at bay lest he be exiled entirely.

But it got me thinking, should Jackson have even adorned a bill to begin with?  While Jackson is one of the very few presidents that resonants with the common man, his time as president was suspect to categorize him as a “great” president.  I certainly do like me his “Big Block of Cheese Day” — emulated to great effect in the West Wing TV show and virtually from the Obama administration — where folks who might not be heard by government had their chance to speak up.  But much else of Jackson, to me, shouldn’t land him in my wallet. Continue reading

Voter ID… scam or sham?

Since the 2012 election, a wave of Voter ID laws have been passed in the states.  While there has not been any widespread cases of voter fraud identified, let alone prosecuted, these states consider it pre-emptive protection.  Or is it Poll Taxes and Literacy Tests all over again?  Pre 1965, states used the concept of a “Literacy Test” as a way to ensure that citizens who voted had a basic civic education prior to voting.  Except the difficulty of said tests were such that poorer educated blacks routinely failed the tests until the NAACP started classes.

Wisconsin is cool with your Driver’s License… which doesn’t help you if you are a citizen who just happens to be poorer and car-less.  That’s ok, there are plenty of other ID options, starting with a real estate tax bill.  That is, if you happen to own your property.  Since you don’t have a car, that’s not real likely.  You can also produce a bank statement. But… a lot of poor don’t utilize banks and deal primarily in cash.   But hey, Wisconsin is here to help!  Just click right here for other “approved documents“! Continue reading