Just who did Trump Pardon last night?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio got a lot of national publicity for running a strict jail for Maricopa County in Arizona, one of the early big stories was a tent city in the desert rather than a “cozy” building.  From that he rode a wave of populism for how to be tough against criminals.  But was he really a tough guy or was he abusive?  Decide for yourself from the coverage of the local media.

This is who President Trump decided needed a full pardon.


A Wake-up Call for the Left

On Monday, President Trump’s pick for the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos, was confirmed in an historic Senate vote where the Vice President had to vote to break a 50-50 tie. Why historic? Because a Vice President had never in 200+ years ever had to break a tie for a Cabinet secretary.  How did it get to 50-50?  Educators and concerned parents bombarded Senate offices (ColoradoNorth Carolina, Pennsylvania) with emails and phone calls in opposition to DeVos, who had a historically bad hearing and seems vastly unqualified for the position.  Two GOP Senators voted in opposition, causing the tie.

But what emerged in this fight over DeVos’s nomination underscores what the left faces over the next two years:  GOP lawmakers do not believe their re-election is in jeopardy despite massive public outcry. As Mike Gecan wrote in the Daily News, Democrats are getting played. Continue reading

Today’s Media Outrage of the Day: Executive vs. Judiciary

This morning brought a flood of Twitter reaction to President Trump blasting  a judge, who late Friday put a nationwide block on his Executive Order.  Raise your hand if you expected the President to go on the offensive over night.  See?  That was expected.  Move along, nothing to see here.

Whether the President cares, the a federal judge is part of an equal and independent branch and cannot be fired like he did a week ago to acting Secretary of State Sally Yates. Those on the left were, wrongly, outraged at that firing: Continue reading

How Christmas evolved in America

Regardless of your spirituality, Christmas in America has grown into a cultural holiday that embodies the best of America, giving you the choice of how much religion you partake with the occasion.  It’s hard to support the belief that some news channels and a handful of people have that there is a “war on Christmas” as it dominates the landscape for two months, if not more.

275px-puritanchristmasbanThe real war on Christmas was waged before America was its own nation, as Puritan America wanted nothing to do with it.  There is disagreement among scholars as to the exact birthdate of Jesus, as the Bible is silent on the special day. Puritans went so far as to outlaw Christmas and invoke fines for those who partook in the occasion. Continue reading

Turns out, white guys *did* determine this election.

I boldly stated a month ago that white guys weren’t deciding this election.  Oops.

While the election won’t be viewed as close as it was, Nate Silver pointing out that if 1 in 100 Trump voters flipped to Clinton she wins, it is accurate to point out how wrong I was.