How Fox & Friends used an Amber Alert to manipulate their viewers… twice!

This morning on the treadmill I flipped the TV over to Fox news.  I like to vary where I get information from and hadn’t been on Fox in awhile.  Fox & Friends was running their Saturday edition.  What unfolded in the half hour span was nothing short of an authoritarian’s delight.

Last week Michael Flynn stepped down as National Security Adviser when CNN broke the news of improper contact with Russia during and after the election and prior to taking office.  This past Thursday the news broke that Chief of Staff Reince Priebus tried to get the FBI to dispute media reports about the Russian interference.  As President Trump is so able to do, Friday was a diversion from all of this when certain news groups were banned from a White House presser.  Cue the Outrage Machine about a free press vs. an authoritarian state. Continue reading


Chasing down fake/misleading news

A study showing that both middle and high schoolers, and adults, have a hard time differentiating real, fake and misleading news is troubling as a History teacher.

I saw this video on CNN where Trump supporters believe 3 million illegals voted:

The main panelist shown believes that 3 million illegal people voted illegally in California (“because they allow it”) and that President Obama said that they could (two other panelists nod their head with this statement.   This is not a true statement, but I wanted to dig into this.  They panelists said they saw it on CNN, Facebook and to “google it.”

So… let’s do this and see the time and difficulty in gleaning the facts to this story.  Part 1: 3 Million Illegals voted in California.  Part 2: Obama allowed illegals to vote.

I start with the claim of 3 million illegally voting in California and “googling” it… and immediately we have an issue.  Google search is not pure, as it looks at your own browsing patterns to tailor a search.

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