Would Jackson have stopped the Civil War? Yes and No: History is Complicated.

It’s hard to keep up with the current President’s wild historic thoughts, so I finally have the time to dig in on this now moldy tweet about Andrew Jackson stopping the Civil War…

trump jackson

At first blush, it’s no surprise that Trump would have an affinity for Jackson.  He had visited Jackson’s home six weeks earlier than his tweet.  It is oft reported that the last things in POTUS’s head contribute greatly to his positions, often contradicting those he had earlier or those of his staff moments before the change of direction. Continue reading



Ah, who doesn’t like a good debate over dollars?  Two weeks ago the internet outrage machine kicked into gear over the forced migration of Andrew Jackson from one location to another.  Sounds historically familiar, doesn’t it.  Harriet Tubman is set to take up residence soon on the front of the $20 while Jackson will me force-marched to the back of the bill,  keeping those Jacksonian fans at bay lest he be exiled entirely.

But it got me thinking, should Jackson have even adorned a bill to begin with?  While Jackson is one of the very few presidents that resonants with the common man, his time as president was suspect to categorize him as a “great” president.  I certainly do like me his “Big Block of Cheese Day” — emulated to great effect in the West Wing TV show and virtually from the Obama administration — where folks who might not be heard by government had their chance to speak up.  But much else of Jackson, to me, shouldn’t land him in my wallet. Continue reading